WAND est une entreprise de vente et production de produits upcyclé haut de gamme  WAND est une entreprise de mobilier recyclé.





W.A.N.D. has been chosen by the communication agency VO EU to be the designer of the trophies of thanks for the DG ClIMA team, who has represented the Europe at the last COP28 in Dubaï...




W.A.N.D. is part of the Festival of the New European Bauhaus that will happen in April 2024. Stay tuned for this coming fantastic journey...

Welcome to the seats of Europe

To participate in the 2024 edition of the New European Bauhaus Festival, W.A.N.D. proposes to work on a largely industrialized product: the deckchair. It is more than a lounge chair, it is the icon of relaxation, ideal for resting and contemplating. Used for several centuries, and interpreted many times, we propose for the NEB, to go to the very essence of this object and its function, to adapt it in order to make it more solid, easier to use, more pure in its aesthetic…

In order to reflect on current production and consumption patterns, we observe that deckchairs have often become too fragile and almost considered disposable furniture. Our search for ergonomics and durability is therefore naturally combined with an ecological approach.

More than acting on the model and its production methodology, W.A.N.D. will also source materials recovered from different European member countries. Therefore, 27 deckchairs will sit on a deep blue carpet in April 2024.

Through our participation in the New European Bauhaus Festival, our ambition is for this deckchair project to become a laboratory, aiming to adapt the way we design the objects of our daily lives. A process which could be even more established in the long term within each member state...


European New Bauhaus 

In April 2024, the European Commission organizes the second edition of the New European Bauhaus
Festival and you can be part of it!
In 2024, the Festival with the working title ‘Resources for all’ will center on exploring possible subtopics
such as shelter and living environments, land and water, textiles and fashion and human well-being in light
of the changing environment.
This inclusive and human-centric approach aims to inspire and engage individuals in embracing sustainable
choices and fostering a deep connection to the New European Bauhaus movement. The fair will be a
laboratory and exhibition, highlighting projects and prototypes that align with and support the core values of
the New European Bauhaus.
Immerse yourself in this electrifying atmosphere where experimentation reigns, empowering you and your
peers to defy limitations and transform the path to a New European Bauhaus future.